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Why CoinKarma?

We curate proven profitable trading factors for effortless crypto gains. Derived from spot, derivatives, on-chain, and traffic data, our comprehensive insights save you time by providing only the most useful indicators.

Loved by the Smartest Investors in Crypto

The LIQ indicator is one of the few metrics I really look at when really guiding tactical beta allocation decisions — and it's superb when it comes to helping us avoiding fomo / fear when making decisions. A well-kept secret that I honestly think shouldn't be shared to too many people.

MapleLeafCap Founder of Folius Venture

CoinKarma provides some of the top technical tools in the cryptocurrency sector. Equipped with high-quality data, innovative indicators, and indices, it empowers traders to capitalize on both short-term and long-term trading opportunities. Additionally, it offers VCs enhanced insights into sectors and market cycles through a detailed, micro-level analysis of data.

Adam Jin Solana Foundation Advisor Managing Director Initial Ventures

CoinKarma has multiple exclusive, easy-to-understand indicators that help us intuitively judge market conditions, resulting in a very high win rate. Trading often requires the resonance of multiple high-probability indicators to establish position sizes and trading confidence. It's worth noting that an indicator with a 70% win rate is considered very high quality, and CoinKarma's tested win rates clearly meet this standard, greatly assisting and enhancing the accuracy of trading. In a bull market, we know there is only one top, so we should buy most pullbacks. CoinKarma indicators have great advantages and accuracy in judging Local Bottoms in every pullback and the top of large cycles.

Anthony Founder of 1kB Capital 8-year full-time crypto trader

CoinKarma is the only tool in the market that systemically integrates multiple sentiment indicators. I used to create sentiment indicators myself using APIs from various platforms, but since using CoinKarma, I no longer program them myself, precisely because its founder, Benson, shares a deep understanding of sentiment with me. The greatest value of CoinKarma lies in its user community, where members continuously iterate, renew, and enhance truly Alpha data through trading feedback. Trading does not rely on a single tool or indicator, and an evolving team is key to CoinKarma becoming a leading market tool!

MarkZ Deribit Market Maker Bybit Supreme VIP

Featured Indicator

Overall LIQ

Overall LIQ

The Overall LIQ indicator identifies market liquidity and signals potential market reversals in crypto trading.

Historical Insights


Historical Insights 1

Successfully identified the 25K-28K range as the bottom before the October 2023 bull rally.


Historical Insights 2

Foresaw the 'Sell the News' event on the BTC spot ETF listing and bought back between 38K-41K.


Historical Insights 3

Achieve incredible accuracy in market scalping between 60K-72K.

Backtest Performance
Backtest Performance
Backtesting Results:
  • Return: 1037.88%
  • Win Rate: 95%
  • Maximum Drawdown: 34.96%
  • Average Trade Duration: 10.4 days
Backtesting Parameters:
  • Trade Market: BTC/USD
  • Period: 2022/9 - 2024/5
  • Days: 625 days
  • Time Frame: 1h
  • Leverage: 3X

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